Construction Materials

Construction Materials On NCR Up

Construction Materials price tags always increases annually by certain percentage but lately the construction materials on the National Capital region of the Philippines or basically within the Metro Manila territories increases tremendously into a higher rate. The said fast acceleration on prices is said to be due to higher fuels and lubricant prices according to the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Philippines.

Cement products

Cement Products

The following below are growth rate of particular construction materials:

(1) Cement – from zero growth into 1.6 percent growth

(2) Structural Steel –from 4.9 percent into 8.2 percent growth

(3) Concrete products – from 2.4 percent into 3.3 percent growth

(4) Plywood – from 4.8 percent into 6.8 percent growth

(5) Lumber – from 11.7 percent into 12 percent growth

(6) Reinforcing Steel – from 4.5 percent into 6.2 percent

(7) Tileworks – from 0.8 percent into 1.9 percent growth

(8) Doors, Jambs and Steel casement – from 2.1 percent into 4 percent

(9) Plumbing fixtures and accessories – from 0.8 percent into 1.8 percent

(10) Electrical works – from 1.7 percent into 3 percent

(11) Painting works – from 2.1 percent into 2.5 percent

However, on other construction materials like G.I.Sheet, asphalt, glass and glass products their growth is very minimal while sand and gravel and PVC pipes remain flat or the same on their prices.

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