Cif Cream Surface Cleaner

Will It Wipe Out Local Brands?

Last February an international surface cleansing product tagged as “the world’s leading cream surface cleaner” has conquered local supermarkets in the Philippines – the Cif Cream Surface Cleaner – holding the solid attestation of world and local chefs for its promise of effective cleaning in a flash without exerting much effort and energy from a cleaner.

This international surface cleaner that indeed holds a solid ground could be a major threat to local surface cleaner like Domex and Mr.Muscle on their market share if Cif Cream Surface Cleaner could really get the full trust of Filipino homeowners and all local Filipino chefs and food establishment kitchen cleaners and wipe out in a flash the strong market share of local surface cleaners. Moreover, not only Cif Cream Surface Cleaner is proven to be really effective surface cleaner in a flash, it is also affordable ; such as a 250ml of either original or lemon variant only cost Php.59,while the 500ml is only Php.99.

Cif Cream Surface Cleaner orig variant

Cif Cream Surface Cleaner orig variant

However, it is too early to say its future success on Philippine market only because of the background that it is attested almost around the world to be an effective surface cleaner product, for it just landed last month on Philippine supermarkets and most Filipinos don’t have yet much consciousness about it though it has already a commercial airtime on the Philippine television.

Let’s see…

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