The Hundred Islands of Pangasinan in the Philippines

Pangasinan Philippines is well known to Filipinos as the provincial home of the famous tourist attractions in the Philippines, that is, the Hundred Islands or so-called now the Hundred Island National Park. However, these group of islands which they so-called Hundred islands is actually a cluster of more than a hundred and not only 100 hundred islands, as some Filipinos thought they are just 100 in number. But actually, it is already officially announced that these islands are 123 islands and islets all in all. This tourist attraction is located at Alaminos City, Pangasinan at Lingayen Gulf. Most of the native folks at it have legends and myths to tell why Hundred Islands is a scattered group of islands and islets. These myths are the Anita and Akong legend, the Greed Tale, and the Giant’s Tears.

Most of the islands on Hundred Island National Park in the Philippines are not relative in a size that is there are small and there are big. Of course, the small ones cannot be habited but the big ones have beaches to enjoy and picnic adventures for both local and foreign tourist alike. The largest island among them is called the Quezon Island. This island has the well-developed facilities which a tourist could benefit not like to other islands which have none or have some facilities but not like to Quezon Island.

The Quezon Island is the most frequently visited island at Hundred Island National Park. The island has two dining pavilions, a grilling areas, cottages, nipa huts for one to relax, restrooms, etc.

However, aside from Quezon Island in the Philippines, there are other islands also that have facilities but the Quezon Island is the largest. These islands are the Governor Island, Children’s Island, Lopez Island, Milagrosa Island, Scout Island, Old Scout Island, Romulo Island, Monkey Island, Marcos Island, Shell Island, Devil`s Island, Sison Island, Martha Island, and Century Island.

The Governor Island has an accommodation facility if one wanted to stay longer on the island and a Pinoy Big Brother house was erected on it which can be used publicly. The beach shore of this island is said to be best for sunbathing.

The Children’s Island is designed for family get-together especially with little children on the side. For the waters of this island is too shallow that you don’t have to worry for your children to be drown on the beach shore. Thus, it is called ‘children’s island’.

The Lopez Island is said to be a haven for sunbathing activities and its water under it is best for snorkeling.

The Marcos Island is adjacent to Quezon Island and Old Scout Island. This Island is named after former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. It is said to be one of the islands that has natural handiworks, for it has three natural mounds in the island itself; a natural helipad and would you imagine a naturally formed mermaids –like statues as if it a mermaids’ island. Moreover, it has rock pathways that lead to different outlets in the islands or vantage points which brings you more to its different angles of it beauty.

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