Swatch Watch

The Most Celebrated Watch on Pinas

It is so obvious that the most celebrated time keeping gadget on every people’s wrist around the world is a wristwatch. For it is more convenient than wearing a wall clock, is not it? Or bagging a portable mobile watch on your pocket? Wristwatches are risk-free watch unless it is a time-bomb wristwatch.

There are variety of designs, the present generation could enjoy; more alternatives to choose from to suit your personality, taste, and gender. From simple into stylish; from thick into sleek thin; and from heavy into feather-weight; it is all yours to choose.

Swatch Philippines

Swatch Philippines

Now, there is an international brand of wristwatch that keeps on haunting Filipinos’ buying mode for more than decades now; and it is still the most celebrated one in terms of wristwatch time keeping in the Philippines. What am talking about is of course Filipino all-time favorite Swiss-made brand of watches – Swatch. The Swatch brand of wrist watch has been in the Philippines for so long because Filipinos really patronize it and now joining Swatch this year’s anniversary with new celebrity image endorsers, namely Anne Curtis, Angelica Panganiban and on male side John Llyod Cruz.

From its 25 years reigning in the Philippines, Swatch has come up with my celebrity image endorsers that made a mark on Filipinos’ mind. Who cannot remember Mikee Cojuangco being the first Swatch girl in town? What about Ms. Geneva Cruz or Ms. Lea Salonga?; Or Ms. Pops Fernandez and Rachel Alejandro? , And on Male side, what about Mr. Martin Nievera and the ultimate performer- Gary V.?

Actually, Swatch watch is revolutionary revival of analog watch to the buying public in a form of wristwatch. Yes, Swatch watch is a wall clock on your wrist; an idea to compete with the emerging successful of digital wristwatches then – Seiko and Citizen Wristwatches; which is indeed really become successful.

However, the disadvantage of the success of this internationally made wristwatch becomes a detrimental block for the Filipinos to create their own made wristwatches or those locally made wristwatches or Philippine made wristwatches are at the brink of death because of the success of this international brand of wristwatch.

Though it is the most celebrated and favorite wristwatch brand of Pinoys, the wristwatch is still an international brand and not truly originally Philippine made which Pinoys can be proud of and could export of and gain benefits of. It is the branch of this international brand wristwatch in the Philippines is the one who benefitted much by the patronage of Filipinos. Filipinos are indeed really colonial lovers. Thus many foreigners or foreign business companies love to invest in the Philippines because of this attitude of Filipinos; but don’t get it wrong it is just the warmness and hospitality of Filipinos which is somewhat inherent in their genes or blood which makes them so accommodating and loving to their foreign visitors or guests.

However, there is no problem about colonial lovers but what matters is despite this colonialism mindset, patronage of one’s own originally made products in the Philippine remains intact and the colonial or foreign business who do business in the Philippines help the Filipinos and the Philippine government and there is no exploitation going on, well then it is good to know.

In the case of Swatch wristwatches, it relationship with the Philippine government and with Filipinos is known to be of good record or have good business dealings in the Philippines which benefitted both parties fairly. Thus, this internationally branded wristwatch is the most celebrated and the top international wristwatch brand in the Philippines which most Filipinos trusted and patronized.

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