Festivities Held In The Philippines

From the Philippines’ conglomerated culture into its division island per island, the Philippines sprang up a multitude of colorful variety of festivals within the entire archipelago. Each island and places in the Philippines are proud to have their respective colorful festivals they could contribute to Philippines’ culture and tourist’s attractions. Their respective festivals have sprung up in accordance to the culture they have influenced by the conquering foreigners then.

So therefore, if you are planning to discover what festal activities Filipinos are busy of Here are our lists of them that you could reckon.

January Festivities

  1. First of All, the Sto.Nino Festival – this festival is held almost nationwide, however it is mostly revel at Cebu Philippines. In Cebu Philippines it is called Sinulog Festival. This festival is held by dressing a two hundred Sto.Nino statue (they called Child Jesus) in many different ways and parades them on the streets or held processions of them.
  2. The Bulaklakan Festivalthis Philippine festival is held during January 01 at Muntinlupa City Manila Philippines. It is a yearly parade of different flowers.
  3. The Feast of the Black Nazarene this feast is held at Quiapo Manila Philippines during January 09 at Quiapo church wherein a black Nazarene statue is being parade and millions of devotees of it flock into this statue to ask blessing. Believing that this black Nazarene statue have powers to heal and bless them once they touch it.
  4. Biniray Festival – this Philippine festival is also called Ati-Atihan Festival. This festival is held every January 09 at Romblon Philippines. This festival is similar with Sto.Nino festival – a feast in honor of Sto.Nino. However, there are also similar festivals like this across the Philippines. That is, Ati-atihan in Aklan, Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo Philippines, Halaran Festival of Capiz Philippines, Binirayan Festival of Antique Philippines, and MassKara Festival of Bacolod Philippines. It seems they copied one another, but anyway it is still in the Philippines.
  5. The Lingayen Gulf Landing Anniversary or Commemoration – this activity is held at Lingayen Pangasinan during January 09. This celebrates the return of General Douglas MacArthur at the shore of Lingayen on January 09, 1945.This historical return marks the liberation of Pangasinan Philippines from Japanese occupation.
  6. Coconut Festival – this Philippine festival is held at San Pablo Laguna Philippines. It is celebrated in a “mardi-gras celebration” to pay tribute to Laguna Philippines’ main crop – the Coconut.
  7. Caracol Festival – held every January 19 at Glorietta Makati city Philippines. This festival invites anyone to come out of their respective shell (Caracol : Spanish term for snail) and make revelry and merrymaking.
  8. Chinese New Year – held at January 30 –February 2 at almost nationwide but basically at Binondo Philippines and at Chinese garden at Rizal Park at Manila Philippines.

February Festivities

  1. National Arts Month –tribute to Filipino talents and creativity, held at Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila Philippines.
  2. Kite Festival – held during February 02 at Dumaguete City Philippines in Mariano Perdices Memorial Coliseum. Every year a kite flying competition held here.
  3. Pamulinawen – this festival is held in honor of Saint William the Hermit at Laoag city, Ilocos Norte Philippines during February 2 -11.
  4. Chinese Food Festival – in celebration of Chinese New Year held at Makati city during February 03 -05.

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