Den Abesamis

Pinoy Top Male Model

If one has good-looks and body or has exotic astounding look one could be either a commercial model or fashion model but modeling is like no other job that has advantage and disadvantage. For not all models both commercial models and fashion model have starry glittering incomes similar to their modeling jobs that expose them to limelight and popularity.

Some models sometimes resort to movie acting jobs or TV hosting jobs to have a continual flow of income, but only those who flop on the ramp. For there are also models that has become successful on their modeling career and shifted into corporate world of modeling, like the successful Filipino male model Jose Gaudencio “Den” Abesamis who has transformed himself from mere fashion model into fashion executive here in the Philippines and outside the Philippines. His career path on fashion modeling is very rare among male fashion models in the Philippines for mostly female fashion models are the one who got the coveted successful modeling career and most celebrated and honored just like the Filipinos who have won the FORD’s Supermodel of the World : Ms. Charo Ronquillo (2005),Ms. Charlene Almarvez(2009) and most recently Ms. Danica Magpantay (2010)

Den Abesamis

Den Abesamis

Mr. Jose Gaudencio “Den” Abesamis once become the president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) four times; become instructor at John Robert Powers for Executive Men’s Grooming course; vice president in administration at Clinico Med;Sales manager at Giorgio Armani Corporation in America; Operation manager for Louis Vuitton; and have work for Loro Piana.

Among his contemporary Filipino male models then, he is the one who gain successful career path on modeling who never go wayward on the path of modeling not like other male models that detour to Philippine showbiz industry as TV and movie actor. Now at his early 40s, he still got what it takes to be a male fashion model since back then and even got modeling offers.

To conclude, he is the rare Pinoy male fashion model that no any current Filipino male models yet have achieved. For most of Filipino male models today resort to TV acting job or movie acting roles and even some giving in to indecent proposal of horny male executives either on business sector or Philippine showbiz entertainment sector.

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