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Actress Candy Pangilinan Caught COVID-19 A Second Time

At first or the first time Philippine actress Candy Pangilinan caught COVID-19, she said she never share it but now on her vblog on YouTube she shares her second time with the virus but now with a whole gamut of symptoms she says and she fear that members of her family might have been infected by her though she is now in isolation in her house.

“The actress experienced severe headaches, colds, chills, coughs and loss of appetite. Her family is yet to get tested for COVID-19 since they are asymptomatic and have been advised by doctors to wait a few days before getting tested. For now, they are communicating with the actress through a microphone outside her room.” (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

“…her symptoms are more intense now than the first time.
Candy detailed her experience so far in a vlog that premiered on her YouTube channel on Friday, January 7.” (Rappler)

She shares it so that others may know that COVID-19 is dangerous and really out there and advised her viewers to take early actions on the first onset of the disease.

““I had the feeling na kailangan ‘nyo malaman na (that you need to know) it’s really dangerous and it’s really out there, and you don’t know when you will get it,” she said. She cautioned viewers to take even minor symptoms seriously, assume it’s COVID, and isolate right away.” (Rappler)