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Welcome to Puerto Princesa City in the Philippines

Having the title as the “cleanest city in the Philippines”, Puerto Princesa Philippines strives to maintain its clean image by fining those who ever caught any littering act either by its local citizen or by tourists. Yup, cleanliness is a serious matter in Puerto Princesa city Philippines even before you put your first step into this city, a flight attendant will warn you like this: “Reminder to travelers: Puerto Princesa is a city that values cleanliness and fines anybody caught littering” You better keep your dirty acts before you step in into this city lest they will thrown you into garbage pit for the city hates dirtiness. To prove to you how strict Puerto Princesa Philippines in their cleanliness policy, here is an example of a true story about this city’ strict policy : There was once a penniless tricycle passenger who was caught throwing a cigarette butt in the streets of the city and was charged to pay fine for it. But because he has no money to pay the fine he was punished to go around the city to seek 10 cigarette butts in the streets. However, he did not able to find any, so he just buy a pack of cigarettes and chain-smoked them and present them to the officer of the city who caught him. What a strict cleanliness policy is not it?

Puerto Princesa has not only gain a respect for its cleanliness policy, but its Oplan Linis policy has gain the More tourists visits and most conferences and conventions have choose their place for their venues. Moreover, it prevents most of its residence from serious health problems.

However, Puerto Princesa Philippines is not all about Cleanliness but it has also places of interest one could visit and explore. Like its parks : Mendoza Park, Capitol Park Square, Baker Hills, Coliseum Park, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, and others.

There are also, beaches and bays like Puerto Princesa Bay which is best for mangrove cruises. The Puerto Princesa Honda Bay Islands which are powdery white beaches and dive sites. In the Pandan Island, one of its islands, there is an aquarium of fishes and coral reefs you could found there. Another Puerto Princesa Bay is the Puerto Princesa Ulugan Bay. It is a deep channel in the northwestern coast of Puerto Princesa Philippines where you could find a mangrove forest.

Aside from beaches and bays and parks, there is another interesting place at Puerto Princesa Philippines, namely the Puerto Princesa Cuartel where you could see a restored ruins of a Japanese old garrisons where 143 American soldier prisoners where buried and burn alive there by the Japanese during World War II; the Puerto Princesa Palawan Museums where you could found the Tabon Cave where it is said that the remains of a First Filipino was found; the Puerto Princesa Vietnamese Village, the Puerto Princesa Limestone and Marble Cliffs or Karst Mountains where mountaineers could climb, the Puerto Princesa Waterfalls, and other Faunas and Flora sites.

Anyway, if you wanted to visit Puerto Princesa city Philippines, the city is located at the Palawan Philippines. Actually, it is the capital city of Palawan Philippines.

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  1. Andy

    Have surely enjoyed my stay in the Philippines. Have swam and surfed in one of puerto prinicesa’s fabulous beaches. Will surely come back in the Philippines, because of that.

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