Cities of Mindanao Philippines

Prominent Cities of Mindanao Philippines

Despite of the negative reports bombard against the regions of Mindanao to be a risky place for tourist and locals alike, Mindanao Philippines still stand out as good place for investing your money for business and for extreme sports , a businessperson and sport enthusiast could trust of.

For the cities of Mindanao Philippines really makes the Philippines into a pedestal level in terms of commerce and beauty. What does Manila Philippines have to say about this?

Among the cities of Mindanao Philippines, Davao City Philippines is the most important city that brings great pride to Mindanao not only it is Known for its Durian fruit but Davao city Philippines is known to be the Crown Jewel of Mindanao in terms of economic progress. It is far more investment-friendly city compare to Manila Philippines and Cebu Philippines. For Davao city Philippines, first and foremost, is a Typhoon-free region which means it has a good and fair weather all year round and it has multi-cultural groups of people within it, thus, making it a good place for investing your money. Yup, it has good selling propositions.

Another city which Mindanao Philippines is proud of is Cagayan de Oro city Philippines. Cagayan de Oro city Philippines boast its well known extreme sports activities, particularly its white water rafting and river trekking activities. In terms of economic importance, Cagayan de oro city Philippines is the shopping capital of Northern Mindanao Philippines. It has a number of Malls and Shopping centers, namely, Limketkai Center, SM city Cagayan De Oro, Robinsons Cagayan de Oro, MAKRO Cagayan De Oro, Ororama Chain of Stores, Gaisano City Mall, Divisoria Night Café and Market, Carmen Public Market and Commercial Complex, Cogon Public Market and Commercial Complex, Puerto Market, Agora-lapasan Market, Bulua Market, Ayala Center Cagayan de oro, Pacific Island City Mall and other proposed malls.

Another Mindanao city which is good for Investment is Zamboanga City Philippines known as the city of Flowers. In terms of economic essence, Zamboanga city Philippines is now known as the Philippines’ Top Seaweed producer and it has the busiest port in the Philippines. Furthermore, Zamboanga city is also known as “Asia’s Latin City” because of the vestiges of Spanish culture and language mix with other dialects.

Another prominent city in Mindanao is General Santos City Philippines. General Santos City Philippines is known as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines”. It is also the home of some media practitioners in Mindanao. Moreover, it is the home city of now world known boxer – Manny Pacquio.

Another city of Mindanao is Pagadian City Philippines. Pagadian City Philippines is the first class city in the province of Zamboanga Mindanao and was dubbed as the “little Hongkong of the South”. It is the regional center of Zamboanga Mindanao.

There are many cities in Mindanao which puts Mindanao Philippines in the good limelight despite of the dark light thrown upon its regions due to rebels hiding within its forest and abducting tourist and locals alike. Anyone could still invest their money and time to it despite of the negative reports about it.

Come and visit beautiful Mindanao in the Philippines!

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