Arayat in the Philippines

Arayat Philippines is a region in Pampanga Philippines where Mt. Arayat seated where residence of it were at the slope of the mountain. Yap, most residence of Arayat in the Philippines or rather Arayat Pampanga Philippines was living beneath the slopes of foot of this inactive mountain. The closest barangay at Arayat Pampanga Philippines to Mt. Arayat is San Juan Bano where the Mt. Arayat National Park is. The park itself have a direct access to mountain itself because it has man-made so called “hundred steps” that will lead you already on the mountain itself once you reach the hundredth step.

Mt. Arayat National Park is the one that makes Arayat Philippines famous or known in the Luzon part of the Philippines as well in Pampanga in the Philippines. It is noted for its very cool swimming pools which of course best during hot weather or summer time. The Park is indeed a very refreshing place due to its natural flora surrounding it. Mt. Arayat National Park is originally a project of the wife of former late Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon during the post war times.

Arayat Pampanga Philippines is located at Central part of Luzon Philippines and is nestled at the foot of Mt. Arayat. Actually, Arayat Philippines is not the only place in the world that has its name, for there is a place in Spain which is also called “Arayat”. Arayat Philippine historians say that it is from this place Arayat Pampanga in the Philippines gets its name.

During the Spanish times, an encomiendero who conquer Arayat whose name is Fernando de Arayat has renamed Arayat which formerly known then as “Alaya” which means “East” and Mt. Arayat was then called Mt. Alaya. And the inhabitants of it were Aetas. It is said it is kind of wilderness ambience at the foot of Mt. Arayat which the Spanish encomienderos has transformed it into a farm land irrigations.

By the way, aside from the Mt. Arayat National Park which some tourist visit, Arayat Pampanga is also well known of its dignitaries who live at early times like Jose Alejandrino (the statue at the Arayat municipal) who is a companion and contemporary of Dr. Jose Rizal (Philippines national hero), who is also my forefather in my mother’s lineage or genealogy. Dr. Emigdio C. Cruz whose name bears a district hospital at San Agustin Norte Arayat Pampanga is known or said to be lived during World War II.

Moreover, Amelito Mutuc and Leoncio Parungao is both secretary during Diosdado Macapagal Government who made also Arayat proud. There are also military dignitaries, like Major General Rene R. Cruz who is former RaCom Commander and PC-INP Commander, Col. (Ret.) Vicente A. Pascual who is former a Deputy Judge Advocate General, and Commodore Lodovigildo L. Gantioqui who of the Philippine Navy.

Another well known at Arayat Philippines is Arayat’s well known organized tricycle association which is the famous New 06 Association, Inc. Wherein, my father is the founder and I too have work as an assistant secretary of the associations during the 1990 and early 2000.

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